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October 16 2011
Another successful workshop this weekend
Just finished my second weekend workshop, "Rich Underpaintings and Coastal landscapes". It was very successful. I received great reviews from all 6 participants who filled in my evaluation form....phew! The 6 seat class size was perfect. I would not have been able to get around to each person as I did if the class was larger. I felt that I was able to help everyone as they needed and they all came up with a wonderful little painting they should be proud of.

So now the question....What to do next month?? I am going to send out a questionnaire to everyone on my "sneak peek preview" list to see what is needed, and if anyone of you reading this would like to add to that, please message me to let me know. I have been asked to do another acrylic and ink explorations, and am also thinking about more acrylic workshops. One that maybe helps the inexperienced understand acrylic paint?? Acrylics can be rather troublesome at times, a feeling expressed by a majority of those in this latest class.

Another idea I have is a one day fun creative exercise class.

Let me know what you think!

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 07:56