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July 03 2012
Cortes Retreat continued......
"Smelt beach,Cortes Island in June

I discovered there was a long, bumpy, oil pan dragger drive to Smelt beach and a smooth paved route that everyone else seemed to know about. (When I left the beach I took the easy route). It was a perfect morning, the light was just right for shadows on the sand. I parked my car and wandered down the empty beach a little ways, sizing up the scenery. I set up my easel and painted for at least half an hour before I noticed the sailboat beached in the sand. It was right smack in the middle and I never saw it. That happens often when I paint out of doors. People will be walking towards me on the beach and I am so focused on the scene that I wont notice them till they are almost right beside me. It can be startling at times. Someone had left a small beach fire smoldering a little ways from me and while I painted I was brought back into my childhood and camping on the beach. Even now when I look at the image I can smell the campfire... 5039- Women at Work

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 07:39