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July 04 2012
"T'ai-Li, view from the Commons".....
Well, it's actually from the rocks in front of the commons. I sat out on the rocks on my first day, with a pen and a notepad and tried to write down all my random thoughts to slow down my brain. "Stop the Noise!" so to speak. I always find the first day I arrive I need to offload all the junk going on in my head. Cortes is the perfect place to do it. So I sat out on the rocks with my camera and my glass of wine, drew some sketches then worked on this piece in the commons later on in the evening. What I am reminded of when I look at this piece is that I didn't see a whale. I had hoped to see one, as there had been a pod of killer whales in neighboring Quadra Island the day before. No such luck for me. I would like to do this painting on a 24x36" as well. If I do, it will be on my website. Day 85- Smelling Salts

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 07:45