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July 14 2012
Cortes continued...T'ai Li Cabin View
This was the first painting I did on my first morning. It was drizzly and misty and I hunkered down under the covered cabin just past the commons. I actually was quite exasperated with the rocks and it just wasn't turning out the way I had envisioned. Probably just a case of the first painting…it's a pressure thing. Anyways I left the picture stuck onto the wooden chair on the deck to dry in disgust and moved on to the next location. Later that day I collected the little painting and decided to just play with it in the commons and see what I could do with it, what did I have to lose? So this is what came of it. Kind of a rock abstract thing. I like it, but don't compare it too closely to the location, it is a little different.50-10 Valentines Bouquet

I have been very busy lately with summer, granddaughter, painting, jewelry, garden I have not been putting up the cortes entries like I had intended....but hopefully I will be able to continue daily!

Stay tuned!

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 10:18