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July 22 2012
Cortes.....T'ai-Li, A Beautiful Grey Day"
I set up this time under the covered tent area past the commons. It was raining pretty hard this day. It was interesting to work with shades of grey. I loved how the trees seemingly plunged down into the crevice. I was so involved in painting that I had not noticed a squirrel sitting on the deck a couple of feet behind me eating salal flowers. He had not noticed me either,so when I stepped back to take a look at my work, he screeched, jumped off the deck and I almost jumped out of my skin. He peeked wide eyed over the edge to see what the heck I was before running off chattering about the flowers he had to leave behind. I do find that when I am involved in a painting outdoors, the wildlife appear out of nowhere. It is almost like I blend into my surroundings and they do not see me. The next day I went to take another look at the scene, and it looked nothing like it did the day before. I never would have noticed this pattern on a sunny day. I am so glad I captured it in the so called dreary light.
5041 Insomniac
I have since painted this scene onto a large 24x36 canvas.

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 08:33