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December 05 2014

I have fallen in love with the last painting I've created.  It is now hanging on my living room wall and I plan to enjoy it for awhile until I send it out to a gallery. I am not sure why I am attracted to this one more than the others.  Maybe it is the size?  At 30x46 it is larger than any trees I have worked on before.  It has presence. I believe this time I have really expressed exactly what I wanted to say.  I may have to start working larger!


I have turned off my personal facebook page. I managed to figure out how to keep my public business page going which is important.  I was getting overwhelmed by too much information and just too much chatter.  I am writing more thoughts in my sketchbook since the "disabling" and who knows? I just may end up blogging more.


Here is my latest painting, the one I titled "Tree Love". A better image can be found on the Westcoast Gallery page.



Tree Love

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 08:51