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December 20 2014
Looking forward to January

My NewYears resolution is to become more organized with my time.  Enough of this free stylin' it!  I have way too much to do and I hear that if you organize your time into blocks, you can get so much more done. Alright! That sounds like a good thing.  BUT, I am not going to fool myself.  I will start out great, I will be so excited and amazed at how much more I am able to do.  I will tell everyone how wonderful it is....then I will fall back into my old patterns and will have to do this again next January.  I always tell myself that maybe this time I will stick with it. Pfft!  I cant even take vitamins on a regular basis for more than a week.  But who knows.  Maybe this time will stick. heh heh....<p>

I have started up an exclusive preview viewing list for those who are seriously looking to purchase a painting from me personally. A few Collectors have contacted me and are excited about what is coming fresh off of my easel. This will give them the chance to see the painting ahead of the general public.  The prices will of course be the same as the galleries that represent me but the benefit is being able to purchase something brand new ahead of anyone else.   If you are interested please contact me by email.<p>

I will probably blog again after the holidays as I do have a couple of paintings that are almost finished! <br>

Seasons Greetings!



Posted by Cindy Mawle at 07:44