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December 28 2014

Finally I spent a whole day in the studio...ahhh....I feel much better now. 

I have been a little concerned about myself lately. You see I lead my life by my intuition as much as possible. My intuition for this last couple of years has told me to "go to my room" (to quote the late Robert Genn) but my personal feeling is  not just to go to my room but "stay away from other artists as much as possible!" WHAT?  Ok, well, I guess I can do that. It feels right but rather anti-social. It is easy to be anti-social when I have so much to do by myself. Social media is fine.  It's the only way I know what is going on.   But recently even Facebook is feeling uncomfortable. Hmmm.... So anyways, I was in my studio painting...all by per usual...and I heard someone talking on CBC radio about an author who removes himself from all other writers and who does not read any other writers works until his book is finished. AHA! He does this so that he will not be influenced, discouraged or led astray by any ideas outside of his own imagination.   That's it! Exactly.  I am not totally antisocial mind you, I do keep in touch with a few friends (artists and otherwise) when we have time to visit.  It's all good. I am not crazy. Phew!  But I do wonder what "book" I need to finish before I re appear?   :) 

All the best in the New Year! 

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 05:57