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January 13 2015
What do I want to say?

What am I trying to say with my art? That is the million dollar question. Just when I think I have found what I want to express, I drop into a "pit of boredom".   The only way to dig my way out of this "pit" is to play with my paints and discover  something new and exciting that will help my artistic voice. I believe it may well be a perpetual journey.  I have people who shake their heads and tell me there is nothing wrong with my art.  I appreciate their compliments but as of yet I am not quite saying what I really want to say.   I  move a little closer after each "pitfall"  and am totally loving the roller coaster ride.


I sold a painting on the weekend to a couple who had visited my studio during the fall studio tour.  This shows me that even though sales were low during the tour, contacts were made.  A great way to start 2015! 

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 02:36


mary ann laing said...
Lovely site, keep doing what you're are doing, it's really great!! :) Jan 14, 2015 03:27