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August 01 2016
The Things I do when not painting...

My vegetable garden lies just outside my art studio.    Surrounded by a 3 ft wire fence, the garden is safe from destructive intruders, mostly the little brown bunnies that live on our property and my chocolate lab who innocently and unknowingly wipes out my precious plants when she follows me in looking for a fresh pea or green bean.  Deer are not a problem as the rest of the yard is protected by an 8 ft page wire fence to keep them out and dogs in. This year I covered the garden plot with a thick black plastic.  Normally I am all organic and would not have done this, but I have a weed called “garden purslane”, which is actually quite edible and full of anti oxidants.  I know this because I planted it myself 10 years ago in the greenhouse.  Hind sight is 20/20.  Never should have done that.  This plant LOVES the sandy hot soil and is very prolific. I have seen the harvested plants for sale in the produce section of the healthfood store and have pondered giving in and just growing it for profit.  The thought was fleeting and the war continues. So this year my rows of vegetables are neatly cut out of the black plastic, composted, set up with a drip watering system and doing very well.  I am more or less keeping up with the purslane as it noses out from between plants and from under the edges of the plastic.  Less weeding gives me more time to paint. 

Recently because of this plastic covering, I am more aware of the many little birds that frequent my garden picking insects in and out of the plant rows.  I can actually now hear their footsteps upon the plastic.  I have a renewed interest in weeding, just so I can hear the comical pitter patter of itty bitty bird feet as they run all around me.  What a joy, weeding the garden with a smile and a giggle.

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 09:55