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August 29 2016
Pure Creative Energy Fuel

Its interesting lately how my process has changed.  I am hauling paintings out of my “closet”,( the works I had given up on in frustration), and really looking at them closely.  I am gaining in my experience a more defined sense of what a good painting is.  This absolutely comes from all the hours I have put in but also from studying other artwork I admire. I have piles of magazines handed down to me and looking through them often gives me a sense of unworthiness as I am faced with the sheer magnitude of the talent within the glossy pages.  So many times after reading through a magazine filled with exquisite paintings I want to throw in the towel. (or the paint rag)

I have recently come up with a solution that works wonders for me. With scissors and glue in hand, I am only placing the images that exite me into my scrapbook.  The ones with pallets that sing the way I want my colours to sing, the compositions that have a mood I can relate to and the ones I draw energy from.  Many times one artists work will repeat themselves within my book, but other times they are random.  They all have one thing in common though.  Each time I look at them a spark ignites, hope flourished and I can hardly wait to dip my brush in paint and create.  Pure creative energy fuel.  Gotta love it!

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 10:39