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January 18 2017
Remembering how to paint

The rain pours outside the studio “tat-tattering” upon my sky lights. “It is a perfect day to paint” I think to myself.  Today is a much better day than yesterday.  Yesterday I forgot how to paint.  All my colors were wrong, or should I say looked wrong to me.  Nothing was working. “I HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO PAINT AGAIN!” I yelled to the scattering of art supplies in my studio.  The white canvases gave me a blank look, the bottles of paint stood motionless and I saw that the cerulean had the blues, the magenta blushed and the yellow as always was just mellow.  “Stop what you are doing and come see us tomorrow” I felt they said.  So I did. 

I walked in at 6:00 am today and remembered as I always do.  I am so glad this doesnt happen to me when driving.   

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 10:20