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January 28 2017
creative entity in the studio....

I have been playing around with wooden cradled boards as well as my usual canvas these days.  There is something about the way the board feels smooth and resistant under my brush compared to the give and texture of canvas.  Many of my canvas works fall short of something I cant quite put my finger on as I paint  but the  wood support is always exciting.  There are  times I feel as though I may have an “entity” within myself that is always guiding me one way or another.  For some reason this entity loves to paint on wood. I wonder if I am channeling a painter from the days when wood was most available to paint upon?  (Did I ever mention I have a very active imagination?)  The good thing about this “ entity” is that it is very critical about what I do, sometimes to a fault but its needed because I am pushed to always improve.  There is a wonderful Ted Talks on Youtube by Elizabeth Gilbert called “Your elusive creative genius”.  Check it out if you have 20 mins to listen.

My latest painting on a wood support "The Shoreline Group" 24x36.  It is similar to another painting in the westcoast portfolio, maybe you can spot which one?

The Shoreline Group

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 08:41