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January 29 2017 not me.

At  times I look at the work of some artists who put forth a message in their edgy and sometimes purposely disturbing art and I fight back the feeling that  because my work is not "edgy" perhaps it is not up to par in the art world. (whos art world?) After pondering the thought and kicking my insecurities to the curb I know that edginess is not within me even though there are many issues in the world that disturb me. My problem(?) is that I tend to see many sides of any issue and hesitate to jump on any one train until I inspect all sides.  Perhaps that is why I paint what I know is real.  Trees are real, the scenery around me is real and nature is real.  I want my art to touch people in a way that takes them to a place they actually can trust and understand.  I trust trees.  They don’t lie or distort facts to suit themselves. They may bend in the wind from time to time but they just are what they are and I like that.  That’s my message from my inner being and it keeps me sane in a rather insane world.

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 05:22