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November 02 2018
CMawleArt Etsy Store

Yes, I need to blog more often!  That is what I keep telling myself but there is so much to do and so little time. Summer flew by as per usual and now the rain is back and I am ready to buckle down and get to work.  This coming year in the studio may be a little different that other years have been because I am thinking a little differently about my artwork.  I have been listening to creative podcasts, one in particular named “Creative Pep Talk” with illustrator Andy J. Pizza.  This guy is crazy energetic and  has inspired me to take on new projects and not to keep all my “eggs in one basket”.   I have started up an Etsy shop and am hoping it will be another creative stream to keep me working on what I love.  I always seem to have little side projects on the go and am never quite sure where to put them when I am done so I now have a platform.  I have just finished putting up my 2018 ornaments for sale and am working on prints of my favourite square format paintings that I have mounted on 6x6 boards.  I seem to be busy all the time doing something so this is a great place to put up my newest small pieces.  Watch for small 5x7 original paintings on board enveloped in an original gift style format.   The suspense builds! Oh! and I am also in the process of printing off 4x9” Christmas cards to be sold in 6 packs.  One of my side projects was to create 6-4x12 Christmas design cards.  I will be busy in the next while signing each and every card, folding and placing into bags.  A good job in front of Netflix! 


I am having such a blast with my newest “Art Nouveau” style of work. I recently won a first prize in the Arrowsmith FCA show in Qualicum Beach for my work "Creative Dialect".  The problem with doing something so different from my representational work, is that it confuses some people even though the main thread is the trees represented in most all of my work.   The galleries don't really know how to place the two styles.  Am I representational landscape C Mawle?  Or am I “Art Nouveau” C Mawle.  I find the art world and the world in general tends to want to put artists in a labelled box.  Well, all I can say is “good luck with that”. :)  Perhaps I am just  “What is she going to do next?” C Mawle… :)  Stay tuned! 


Posted by Cindy Mawle at 06:18