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November 14 2018
Like minded people and Karma

Being an artist can be a very solitary endeavour and most times we prefer it that way but on the other hand it can be invigorating and energy building when we step out of our comfort zone to talk creative talk with like minded people.  I am not a group joiner, and those who know me well can attest to that, in fact I am better at quitting groups than joining them!  Its a bit of a conundrum.  Recently I stepped out of my comfort zone at the advice of a podcast I listen to, and reached out via email to an artist who I felt was at the same artistic level and age as I.  I had been impressed by the steps this artist had taken in their career and I  bravely said I would love to get together for a chat.  I never heard back.  I have come up with many reasons, maybe the email isnt working, maybe they are too busy, maybe they think I am a!  It brought to mind an artist once who sent me an email asking to get together for coffee to talk art.  I had met this person once before but being the loner I am and being afraid to have a conversation with someone I didnt really know that well, I emailed back that I was super busy and wasnt sure when I would be able to get away.  I chickened out and felt bad about it.  But I did email back.  

I do believe in Karma and now that is all straightened out I will have to see what is in store for me in my search for creative energy, I need a shot of that!   

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 01:15