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January 28 2019
organizing craze

Oh my goodness.... I have been caught up in the Marie Kondo organizing craze.  For those of you who dont know, she has a series on Netflix.  The whole thing is actually kind of cheezy and a little shallow in a reality show kind of way,  but I watch each episode all the way through hoping for tidbits of organizing wisdom to be thrown my way.  So far I have organized my clothing drawers and closet, my kitchen drawers and pantry shelves and today I started in on my studio.  I was only going to do one drawer.....but 7 hours later I now have 7 tidy drawers and I actually know what is in each of them!     Now, you have to understand that I am not a very organized person expecially when I am in the creative zone.  When I was a child I drove my tidy and well organized mother crazy.   It was always an issue.  I now understand my problem is a lack of focus on the mundane.  Putting something away in its rightful place totally cuts into my creative "hamster wheel" thoughts.  Many times I have gone into panic mode after I realize what I had  in my hand 5 minutes ago is now gone and I have no idea where it went.   This is a problem with keys on my way out the door.  They could be anywhere....One thing for sure is that I will be well practiced for this forgetfulness of old age that I have been warned about. Perhaps I will attempt to reverse it and actually slow my thoughts down and pay attention.  Turn the whole thing on its head!  I wish. But anyways for the time being I am busy organizing everything and absolutely loving it.  I think it is because Marie has come up with a more creative and fun way to handle the mundane.  It clicks!  

I have two new paintings on my Westcoast portfolio page.  Both scenes from Paradise Meadows on Mount Washington on Vancouver Island.  I absolutely LOVE this place!  Beautiful vignettes everywhere you look!  I still have lots of material to work from and hope to get back again this summer/fall to soak it all up again.

Thats it!  Now to stop organizing and start a new painting.....hmmmm...






Posted by Cindy Mawle at 08:23